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Pet Rehab is a unique northern Virginia business that provides comprehensive rehabilitation treatment and related services for pets and working dogs.


PetRehab owner Carol Wasmucky has worked 17 years as an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist treating humans. She started Pet Rehab, Inc. in 2000, applying the same physical therapy principles to provide post-surgical and other treatments for knee reconstructions, hip problems, herniated and diseased discs, neurological problems, Achilles tendon ruptures and a variety of fractures, sprains, strains and tears on animals. Pet Rehab designs a rehabilitation and exercise program specific to each client’s needs. The various treatments promote healing by increasing mobility and blood flow, decreasing pain and swelling, and restoring strength and flexibility.


Carol currently brings her expertise and these services to her clients’ northern Virginia homes. Pet Rehab can also treat the pet and provide consultations at the SouthPaws Veterinarian Referral Center in Fairfax.


Pet Rehab provides specialized programs for working dogs, such as those on local police forces, as well as dogs competing in agility and other events. Pet Rehab agility training increases awareness and balance for non-competitive dogs, allows working dogs to return to work more quickly, and prepares competitive animals to return to their sport after injury. Some Pet Rehab clients continue weekly treatments to improve the overall fitness of their pet.


Pet Rehab successes include Jive, a border collie recently returned to agility competition. Another is Koal, a Fairfax County Police dog, injured in the line of duty in 2001. After months of twice a week Pet Rehab treatments and agility training, Koal returned to full duty in 2002.


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